MTC- a wonderful experience!

It has been an amazing experience here at the MTC.  We were eating lunch today when Elder Anderson asked if he could sit with us.  We were sitting already with a President and Sister Bangerter! and Elder and Sister Echo-Hawk when he joined us.  We visited all through lunch, almost an hour.  We learned a lot and met some wonderful people.  Good- day Mates!! 

Our Family


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Hello!  We are the McSwains from Farmington Utah.  We, Mark and Vonnie McSwain, have been called to serve in the Australia Brisbane Mission.  We arrive there on June 29, 2016 and serve for 3 years.  We will be leaving our family and loved ones here and we miss them already! We hope that this blog can serve in keeping our new friends and family in Austrailia and the ones at home up to date! We have been blessed with 6 wonderful children and their amazing spouses,  and 15 (almost 17) grandchildren.  Let me introduce them…

Our oldest daughter is Misti and her husband Chris Jackson.  They have 7 amazing children. Eli 16,  Joy 14, Faith 13, Bryant 10, Abby 9, Isaac 7, and Allie 4.

Next is our daughter Mandi and her husband Jared Harrison.  They have 4 wonderful children.  Mark 14, Brigham 12, Malachi 10, and Brynley 6.

Third is our daughter Ashli and her husband Todd Murdock.  They have 2 darling boys. Jonah 4 and Leo 2.

Our 4th child is our son Trevor McSwain with his wife Melissa, they have a handsome son Trey 1.

Our youngest daughter is Aubri and her husband Taylor Wuthrich. They have the cutest little girl Halle 2 and twin boys due any day!!!

Last, but not least, is our son Michael McSwain and his awesome wife Bailie!


Fitting it all in before the big move…


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We may be biased, but our family is the best! This is what the past few months have looked like for us. Everything started with a fun family vacation, half the grandkids made a back scratching train with Grandpa.  We went to the play “Joseph”, where our amazing singer Faith was playing the part of an Egyptian girl.  Brynley, our beautiful ballerina was a natural at her dance recital. We celebrated President McSwain’s life’s work and career with a retirement party.  We also celebrated Grandpa Harry’s life who passed away earlier in the year. He left a legacy of missionary work behind him and we miss him dearly. To wrap up the last month at home we had a Hawaiian Luau with extended family to celebrate Grandma Carol’s 75th Birthday,  a baby shower for the twin grand boys soon to be born, and enjoyed a fun open house with many friends and family for our final goodbyes.  Last but certainly not the least, our setting apart by Elder Oaks and Elder Carden–it was a wonderful experience!