First Week in Brisbane Australia

Wow ~ we made it through our first week! There were a million first for us. We have been meeting so many, learning different names of people and places, trying to keep it all straight in our heads and learning to drive all over again in a strange, but beautiful place. We drove by the beautiful Brisbane Temple one night with our wonderful guides, Elder and Sister Richins, who also took us for a short walk along the Brisbane River. The middle pictures are the front and side of our home. And finally President McSwain behind the wheel. It takes all your concentration to drive ~ it’s so different driving on the right side of the car and down the opposite side of the road! It’s even harder being the passenger on the other side:)  We are a great pair though, we have been to several places on our own with me navigating and President driving! We go to bed dead tired wondering how we will make it through the next day and then we are up, going, and doing it again.  The Lord has blessed us so much, we are so grateful.  We are grateful for so many new friends and words of encouragement and help that we have gotten.  We are thankful for prayers from loved ones at home too, they are felt!! We miss you all ~ THE CHURCH IS TRUE~

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