Sew many people ~ Sew many places ~ Sew fun ~ Sew rewarding

   Meeting with these wonderful Sister Training leaders was such a wonderful experience. They are so cute and full of the missionary spirit.  I instantly loved them all. These three stole my phone and took a selfie! Sew fun.

   These are the Goldens.  In the ABM they are called goldens not Greenies ~ much better ~ don’t you think Mate?

   After Golden Training we were off to Cairns.  It is BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful Elders and Sisters in Cairns.  We had a very warm welcome there by wonderful people.

   Then off to Townsville!  Loved it there.  The people and the missionaries are wonderful.  Lots of good work going on there.  After a quick trip up North we are back in Brisbane.

   Wednesday we had a new Sister come in.  Sister Taamilosaga.  She has been waiting for her Visa in New Zealand.  We are happy to have her with us.  She brought an amazing spirit with her.

   We love our Office Elders and the Assistants.  We don’t know what we would of done without them!  What’s this a speeding ticket?

   A once in a missionary life dinner. Before the dinner,  President McSwain set apart a sister missionary from the Cairns District, she will be serving in Perth.  After her setting apart, a family relative asked for missionaries to come and see them, and took a Book of Mormon, a wonderful event.

  We are having a wonderful, crazy busy, very refining experience.  Love you all.  Missing Utah but couldn’t be in a better place.  Hooray for the ABM!!!


2 thoughts on “Sew many people ~ Sew many places ~ Sew fun ~ Sew rewarding

  1. Oh Vonnie, I mean Sister McSwain! LOL. I love reading your posts and seeing the pictures, thank you so much for sharing. I love you, Donna Brimhall


    1. Thanks Donna!! Elder and Sister Bean are serving here from the Alb. Temple. They said they know you from working there! They are wonderful people. They help us in our office. Thanks for following! Love you❤️


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