One Month ~ Already!


Today is July 29, 2016, we arrived in Australia on June 29, 2016. It has gone by so very fast, yet it seems like we have been here forever. Its been amazing how we are able to remember each of the missionaries, mostly. President can pronounce their names really well. I’m not so good, at all, I know that doesn’t surprise anyone! We have met over 200 young missionaries, 32 senior missionaries, and hundreds of members, temple workers, and investigators. We won’t remember them all but we will certainly try. We love ALL our missionaries:)

We love that they got excited about a mission quilt~ and all eagerly put their signatures on the quilt back.   They love designing t-shirts for their zones~ and we are the lucky ones to get one too.  They love to practice piano when waiting for interviews.  And I love it  when they steel my phone to put their selfie pictures in~ and say oh – we forgot to delete it:)


This happened at home, while Grandma and Grandpa were here……… Thank you to everyone that has stepped in and been our replacements.  It doesn’t seem fair, but it will all work out in the long run.  We love these precious, new, grand babies.  So thankful for FaceTime.  It’s been fun since we announced that we have twin grand babies, we have found out that 3 of the elders are twins.  2 sets are boys and their twins are both serving in Australia right now ~ one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.  The other twin is a girl, and i can’t remember if she is serving a mission or not.



We met groups of missionaries everyday last week.  President interviewed about 30 a day.  It was wonderful meeting them all but it made for some very long days.  We tried to get pictures of them all ~ but really never came close to doing so.  We only have one place clear up North called Mt. Isa where we have 2 missionaries we haven’t met yet. Next week is transfer week and so we will go there the next weekend.  For transfer week we have 16 New Missionaries coming in, and 16 going home.  The numbers change on the incoming because of visa’s.  But we think this is a good count as of today.  They arrive in 2 days:)

We were able to go to a place way up North called Charter Towers.  They had taken an old mansion and had turned it into their chapel there.  It is a small branch that meets there.  They have a baptismal font in the back.  The pulpit was in the Sydney Temple and was the pulpit President Hinckley stood at to dedicate the Temple.  We thought that was really neat.  So we took some pictures.

Some of our favorite pictures from home and some from here .  We saw our first kangaroo or wallaby – actually there were 10 of them in a field behind a church we were at.  It was fun.  The scenic pictures were taken across from the Brisbane Temple.  And the ones on the beach was a 30 minute break we took while in Gladstone last weekend.  It was just before we caught the plane home.

Sorry for the overload! When I have a minute I have to just do it all:)  We love you all.  We live in a beautiful place. We are feeling more like we know, kind of, what we are doing now.  We still have Transfers to go through and that is this Monday~Wednesday~ pray for us:)   We are so busy we don’t have much time to get home sick.  But we do miss home and all of you.  You are in our prayers.  We know we are on the Lord’s errand, and how grateful we are to spread this beautiful message to the people here in the ABM.  The church is true , we see miracles everyday!

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