We did it! made it through our 1st Transfer!

We thought we had been the busiest we could get ~ then Transfer week hit.  Wow!  It was awesome.  We sent 16 missionaries home ~ 😦 sad, and welcomed 15 new missionaries.  So our week went very well.  We met our 16 returning missionaries ( 13 Elders & 3 Sisters) at the Temple Monday Morning.  The Temple is usually closed on Monday but they do a special session for the special missionaries.  The Temple President makes it very nice for them, and gives them some going home advice along with President McSwain.  The workers all come in for this special day and they said that everyone wants to come this day ~ so they never have a problem finding help.

OUR RETURNING WITH HONOR MISSIONARIES: They are all wonderful and awesome. They will be missed her in the ABM!



After the Temple we went back to the Mission Home and had lunch brought in by our wonderful Office Staff.  Then it was weighing bags,(throwing out what they didn’t want to make sure the bags were within the weight limit), Interviews with President, learning their options on schooling and other things they need to know when going home. We enjoyed a nice dinner prepared by Sister Hazel, then the highlight of hearing them bear their testimonies, final hugs and off to bed for a restless night.

Next Morning getting them off to the Airport: Watch the slide show of them all.  This took most of the day on Tuesday! 3 different trips to the airport.   Love them all and will miss them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bright and early the next morning we were back at the airport picking up the new arriving missionaries.  This time 9 Elders and 6 Sisters.  Oh, how we love each one of them already!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are all so excited to start working with their trainers. They will be so awesome.  A wonderful group of GOLDENS!!  A Wonderful week.  We are off to Mt. Isa in the morning.  Yea for the ABM!  We love and miss you all!  The church is true and so are you:)

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