NEVER A DULL MOMENT…aug.6-15.2016

We got the missionaries where they all needed to be and then we were off to see one last missionary that we still had not met.  MOUNT ISA ~ Elder Soakai,  we are finally on our way!  His companion Elder King was just transferred there so we had already met him.  These two missionaries are great.  We had take-out Chinese food with them on top of the lookout where we could see the  whole city.  The city reminded us a lot of Green River WY.

It really is out in the bush.  I was told you don’t drive after dark because the risk of hitting a large male kangaroo is so great, and you or your car usually don’t survive.  At the church they were telling me about the huge snakes they have there.  They said the closest a snake had come to the church was ~” right there at the door! but never made it in before someone shooed it out!”  ***OooHhh***

Church on Sunday was great.  Everyone was so nice. After the block everyone wanted to get pictures.  We did a YM / YW combined, so the youth wanted to get pictures.  They were all awesome youth.

We met some really wonderful people and loved visiting with them.  We met Shellie Wilson who loves the missionaries and wants to prepare herself so she can come back to activity in the church. We told her we will help,  she can do it. We want to see her back before we leave …in 3 years… think that was giving her too long maybe!?

Then the wonderful Missionaries who work so hard, never see any of the other missionaries and never complain!  Elder King and Elder Soakia we love you both!IMG_0393










Elder King, President , & Elder Soakia

Back to Brisbane!  A busy catch-up week for us. President made me get behind the wheel and drive again.  The 2nd time since being here.  So its been like 4 weeks in between practice times. You can see the cobwebs on my sideview mirror, it had been so long…   We drove around our neighborhood and found this wonderful lookout just a few blocks away.  I’m holding the keys to prove I was the driver!!!

To end the week- Mark had a wonderful birthday, we saw some things we hadn’t seen before and were so close~thanks to the Callahans.  and the assistants were great! They snuck into our home while we were out and left a great treat and sweet note!  The next night we got to go to the Richins for dinner and meet 3 Stake Presidents and their wives that we hadn’t met yet.  Good times.  God Bless ! we love you!

The Pie was delicious!
Hannants, Richins, McSwains, McNamees, and Salaonas

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