Another Golden Week ~ aug. 15-21.2016

A MONTH OLD!  It is hard to believe~ which means we have been here for 6 weeks now.  In a way it seems like we just got here ~ yet it’s like we have always been here!  We love these babies – even though we are a half a world apart.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for FaceTime.  A little real time would be nice – but….

Aubri and Taylor you are doing AWESOME! They are so cute and (we are sure) lots of work!

We had a new Elder come in from Germany, Elder Meyer. He is the third one from the left.  He was suppose to come in the day before he did.  President McSwain and I went to the airport at 6:30 AM  – we were there until 9:30 AM – looking for him.  Nobody could tell us anything, and we had to wait at the international doors watching to see if he came through.  So I watched while Mark went all over looking for him, or to get some info.  It was awful, we were so worried about him, he was all alone.  Our Office was finally able to get with someone that told us he had missed the flight in London.  He came in the next day and we couldn’t be there to pick him up so our wonderful office sisters and these Elders went and got him. BUT HIS LUGGAGE DIDN’T COME WITH HIM.  The poor guy- The next day one suitcase came like at 9:00 PM- and as of today he still hasn’t got the second one.  He kept telling President ” I wasn’t worried about me~ I was worried about you, not knowing what was going on with me.”  Great Elder – and we were so glad he spoke English, really quite well. They had actually cancelled his flight out of London and had to book him on another flight, which made him miss his flight in Singapore to Australia – thus a full two days in airports and on airplanes.  We are GLAD he’s finally here.

Elder Pierce with his new companion Elder Meyer and we finally got to meet him.  We took them out to dinner while we waited for the suitcase to come in and this was what I saw on the street! Haven’t seen one of these forever!!  Now I’ll have to watch it to see if anyone ever uses it.

Pay Phone!

We had another GOLDEN ORIENTATION.  What great Elders and Sisters.  We had a wonderful time with them and the training was awesome.  They had a couple of miracles walking to dinner and GQ ing.   They are super!

Happy Birthday Allie! and Good Night Cruz and Nash.  Until next week.  Love you all.

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