GOOD~BYE & HELLO! Sept. 4-18,2016

It’s like saying good~bye to your own children, but not knowing if you will ever see them again. Six wonderful Elders and one awesome sister ~ Such a good time with them the last night.  Lots of great help fixing a nice dinner before testimonies and bed.  Love you ~ hope to see you all  again someday.


Mom and Sister so happy to see Sister Blanchard.  Sweet Reunion. Missionaries saying goodbye to Missionaries.  A beautiful sight.

It was so draining to say good-bye to those wonderful missionaries, but then first thing the next morning the new ones come.  We love them all~ they are full of the Spirit and ready to go teach the people in Brisbane Australia!

The new Golden’s are so excited to go to work!   Their Trainers are excited to be with them. And so it is ~ off they go!

WE LOVE OUR MISSIONARIES.  THEY KNOW HOW TO HELP AND THEY KNOW WHAT THEY NEED.  The bikes have their name on them and in the bag hanging from the bars, are their helmets and locks.  In the big green bags are their bedding, pillow, sheets, blanket, and mattress cover.

Our favorite pictures from home in the past 2 weeks:

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