img_0851We love missionary work and we love the missionaries!  Every member a missionary and every missionary a member.  We are all in this together.  Sharing the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ is exciting and rewarding.  To see the happiness it brings to Heavenly Father’s children ~ US!   We are THANKFUL FOR MISSIONARIES🙂 Three went home with Honor. Elder Li to China, Elder Fa’alogo to New Zealand, and Elder Chhoen to Cambodia.

It is so pretty here, now that we can drive and look at the same time we are seeing so much more!  We are taking time after meetings to look around more.  We are so


img_1110We are THANKFUL FOR ALL KINDS OF ANIMALS. Fun day at the Australia Steve Irwin Zoo.


I’m so THANKFUL FOR BABIES THAT WILL LET ME HOLD AND HUG THEM ~ especially since i can’t hold my own right now.  Isn’t he so precious.  He is the 8th child of a District President and wife in Rock Hampton.  He loves to cuddle!  Just a few months older than the twins.  So it was heart warming for me.

Love, Love, Love, the beautiful trees that are in bloom everywhere we go right now. First they were purple ones and now the bright orange trees are everywhere.  They call them a poinsettia tree.  Very THANKFUL FOR BEAUTIFUL TREES.

We are THANKFUL FOR GOLDENS! They bring new enthusiasm with them and lift everyone around them.  We love the 8 new ones that came in at the end of October.  Sisters: Faulafo, Shakin, Wengert, and Anitema.  Elders: Saiyavong, Caindoy, Paramore, and Faatau. Aren’t they all so wonderful ~ beautiful and handsome and full of the Spirit.

We have 3 Districts up North.  In Cairns, Townsville, and Rockhampton.  We love the missionaries that work so hard up there.  We love the Seniors who work with them so diligently.  So THANKFUL FOR THE NORTHERN ZONE! and the SENIOR COUPLES!

We had Zone Conferences all last week.  We combined 2-3 zones in each one.  Our senior couples were there to help and go through Area books.  The RS in the areas prepared lunch for us all.  It was a great week.  We are


Version 3

Gold Coast and Coomera Zones ~ Tuesday Nov. 15, 2016


Ipswich, Ipswich West and Centenary Zones ~ Wednesday Nov. 16, 2016 


Eight Mile Plain, Logan, and Cleveland Zones ~  Thursday Nov. 17, 2016 


Brisbane, Brisbane North, and Cleveland Zones ~ Friday Nov. 18, 2016

We said “GOODBYE” to Three of our Seniors.  We will miss them so very much.  We are THANKFUL FOR THESE THREE SENIORS!  Elder and Sister Richins, and Sister Vande Merwe.  They did SO much for the ABM!  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Most of all we are THANKFUL FOR OUR FAMILY!  We love you and pray for you everyday.

Our MIRACLE this past few weeks. We use our phones all day~ everyday. Without it we would be lost and so would the missionaries. (HAHA) Mark has his constantly with him. We went to the store and as we went in ~ he said to me “I FORGOT MY PHONE”. We knew we wouldn’t be long, and I had mine with me. We got our things which ended up filling the “boot” of the car and also the back seat. We hurried into the car to get home. When we heard vibration coming from a phone. It was not mine. So we started searching. It was not in the car. I called it again, again, and again ~ till we found it on top of the car! If it had not started ringing we would of lost it for sure on the way home! And if it was there all the way to the store ~ that’s a miracle on its own:) THANKFUL FOR MIRACLES!

I’m THANKFUL FOR A SEWING MACHINE. Got it out for the first time since we have been here to sew slits on a skirt! I love this little lady! Miss her too:) WE ARE THANKFUL FOR WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND AN AWESOME FAMILY. We think of you often and pray for you everyday. We pray you will be safe and have peace and joy in your lives!


LOVE YOU! Mark and Vonnie ~ Mom and Dad ~ Grandma and Grandpa
President and Sister McSwain ~ Australia Brisbane Mission

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